Tasting Tucson {WILKO}

IMG_6937I first came to WILKO for dinner with my friend Marisela, and instantly fell in love with the open kitchen, and the warm lighting. It was a calming yet fun ambience, where we even met German engineers in town for a conference at the University of Arizona, and then I instantly remembered to ask for their brunch menu. No, not because I slightly judge restaurants based on their brunch menu, well maybe a little, but my parents would be in town and we do enjoy a good breakfast! All around WILKO has not disappointed. IMG_6941Water in repurposed wine bottles, just how we do it in Portugal with our wineIMG_6942Just love a restaurant with an open kitchen IMG_6945 IMG_6946 IMG_6949The lighting is just as calming when the lanterns twinkle against the night sky
IMG_6950 IMG_6953Yin Gou Mei {Organic Green Tea}IMG_6955Salmon hash with poached eggs alongside fresh arugula drizzled with a light hollandaise that brightened my morning, put a smile on my face, and filled me with the energy for our trip up Mt. Lemmon. Plus, all I was craving was eggs Benedict, and this was a great twist on the flavors.IMG_6963Dad’s French Toast with Bacon chunks, cinnamon apples, and maple syrup, now that’s a manly breakfastIMG_6964Mom’s dense ricotta pancakes with a tangy lemon marmaladewilkobeautiful image of WILKO’s cheese board

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