Seize the Day

affbeac6a8d43910378a53c0f0dc5fd5As I sit watching one of my new favorite movies, Mary and Martha, with a tear in my eye and the sense that I’m not doing enough to make a difference in the world, I stumbled upon this “get out of your seat, take life by the steering wheel” kind of motivational clip. Along with having a passion for wanting to inspire and improve the lives of children in Africa, I’ve had the aching desire to travel and see the beauty in parts of the world the common eye overlooks. To go on adventures you can’t ever embark on when planned, or meet people that change your life by accepting and embracing their individuality. Life is too precious to overlook the bigger and greater things that are out there, far from our daily 9 to 5, technology and socially driven lives.

I’ve been blessed to have grown up in Portugal, traveled to many Caribbean Islands, Jamaica and spontaneous trips across the US. Being spontaneous has led me to some of the funnest and memorable moments, that wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t just un-promptly packed a bag and decided to visit a friend. Life requires a bit of adventure, it keeps us sane and balanced. But it isn’t enough, after this I realized that although I’ve done plenty, I’ve only managed to go on the cheesy spring break. I’m young and hungry to make dreams of backpacking through Europe, making macaroons in a Parisian patisserie, riding an elephant through crystal  clear waters encountering the enlightened, and having my breath completely taken away from me actually happen.

I often feel that my love of traveling and helping others is very much intertwined. You should find a cause you’re passionate about, take action to make a difference, and I don’t mean just donating money {although that is a noble step, and does makes a huge impact}. Get out there, spread the word, be the voice for the fight. If we want change, well we’re the only ones that can make it happen. Some of my longtime causes have been St. Jude’s, Flying Kites, Oxfam and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I completed my very first 5k in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand back in 2011. I decided to push myself, taking a bigger action and embarking on their 100 Million Mile Race, so I’ll keep you posted on details when I start my team and how easily you can get involved…So what are you waiting for? You want to see the world, you want to pursue your lifelong goals?

Then “seize the day, and see the world now!”

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