I’m Loving…

Overly hot days, cooled by unpredictable thunderstorms make anyone just want to lounge around and gaze at the stars, but lately I’ve been more creative and inspired by the sweetest little things. Here’s just a few of the things making me smile.

Happy Friday!Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 8.33.10 PM

Music fuels my soul, so I get excited whenever I encounter new favorites like My Number by Foals.  I also can’t help but get overly excited and giddy whenever I hear Brave by Sara Bareilles and Counting Stars by OneRepublic, can’t wait to see them in September! My hair is now silky smooth and full of life after this coconut oil honey mask, perfect complement to this Boho Glow. The ultra feminine side of me is swooning over this floral romperearrings, and dainty wishbone ring. While my heart gets lost at sea with this striped Bandeau Bikini and then through the safari with this stunning dress worn by Cassandra of coco+kelley. We all need the perfect pair of go-to flats and strappy sandals to take us from early mornings to late summer nights, and with these gold cuffs you can bring new life to those basics you wear daily. Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 9.23.19 PM

Having grown up in the Newark area and known the violence present there, it’s great to see these Caliber Bangles made from illegal guns taken off the streets by the Newark Police Department. Another one of my summer goals, is to be kinder to my garden, so when you leave for vacation recycle a bottle for this watering nanny, and keep your plants happy and hydrated, perched on a fire escape wall shelf. With My Colortopia it’s easy to find just the right color to suit any room in your home, perfect for choosing complimentary colors for this multipurpose hot mesh chair and tapestry. I’m completely smitten over this summer berry stationery by Creature Comforts, and why didn’t I find this planner before, talk about motivation!  July is National Ice Cream Month and I’m screaming for these pop molds and string Lights. The milkbar cake tasting package might be just the thing to send any indecisive sweet tooth, like myself.

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