The 100 Million Mile Run

PicMonkey CollageI recently decided that I would push myself and take action for one of my favorite causes. I first became involved with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation in 2011 when I ran my very first 5k and became a part of their annual Lemon Run. The ALSF began when cancer patient Alexandra “Alex” Scott decided she wanted to hold a lemonade stand in order to raise money and support the foundation’s present mission of helping find a cure for all children with cancer.

At the unbelievably young age of four, Alex left the hospital after a stem cell transplant with a vision to start a lemonade stand to raise awareness about the illness affecting her and thousands of other children. This just shows how much of “a determined, courageous, confident and inspiring child with big dreams and big accomplishments” she was. Alex’s efforts are an immense inspiration to myself, and why this foundation is near and dear to my heart. She was a girl who didn’t let fear and a bad situation overcome her life, she had a dream and took action to make it happen.

Which is why I’m going the distance and doing my part, to collectively run and walk one million miles. I know what you’re thinking one person can’t run that much alone, but this is a collective effort across the world. I have created my team The Dreamers here and for the month of September, you can join me or support the cause on your own {more information here}, by either walking or running your miles. Cancer is an epidemic affecting everyone all over the world, but childhood cancer is even more devastating, which is why I need your help!

I hope that this inspires you and that you are able to share this amazing cause and raise awareness for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

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