Friday Favorites

705db1b6d3f73269604c5f2e8ba908b4Can you believe we have just gone through another week in August? I really don’t know where time is going lately. I felt that brisk feeling of pressure, no not stress, but pressure that time is slipping away from me far too quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you’re planning a non-profit Golf Tournament fundraiser and 50th Anniversary Gala within three weeks from each other. Talk about needing to stay on top of every detail and manage your priorities, including time, in the most beneficial way. This weekend I want to find serenity and focus on working towards the passions and goals I have set out to accomplish within the next few months. You have to remain persistent in order to live the life you have envisioned for yourself, while of course not putting your happy life aside either. This weekend surround yourself with happy things, and enjoy the last few weeks of careless summertime!

9c25bc9168f163ac63180203b3f9f637Beautiful pink poppies are some of my favorites and always remind me of The Wizard of Oz cache_300_500_2_headtiesmallHow dreamy is this delicate beaded pearl and crochet head tie, I’ve fallen in love with Grave Loves Lace

3869d1d9ee87cd74_Fig-honey-yogurt-smoothie-4-crop.previewCan’t wait to try these bikini friendly smoothies, a great way to start my hectic days 6e9084850323c4c0529e1baec8a54bb2So excited that H&M finally launched their home collection in the US, loving all the white and linen3d99c3b5bc36725bd6e2dda825a7ea86The three things a girl ever needs5db616e4129037b06bdc087d0231cc80Oh and these amazing pieces too9462176282_3ba1c669e2_oThis cluster of framed photographs looks effortlessly chic, just leaning against the wall 44ddab20c62b953fb02c1da096d23756I haven’t stopped listening to Mr. Little Jeans-“Oh Sailor”cb12cdcf3cf14918d243b966a729f0e6One of the most beautiful altars I’ve seen61f1d14eff3259078ea549adb947399bWhen you work for a non-profit, so true, slightly inappropriate but still hysterical

“Dream it, do it – the key to achieving what you want…lies in your ability to visualize it.” – Tori Rodriguez

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