Inspiration {the Golden Year}

Centerpiece InspirationA 50th Anniversary Gala is a milestone occasion, and for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson it’s a celebration of the years positively changing the lives of Tucson children. I’ll admit I found it hard to decide what I wanted to do for the centerpieces, since we didn’t really have a theme other than gold and purple, 50 years and children. Even with a small budget, we can create elegant pieces with lush bunches of baby’s breathe,  that can be submerged or wrapped around a bowl of floating candles. Submerged hydrangeas are just as simple, along with floating tall candles, that I’m considering for the other tables. Color InspirationIt’s been almost a year since I helped with this purple wedding, but instantly remembered it when I began creating the design for the upcoming gala. Lately, I’ve relied on Koyal Wholesale to make my events stand out like washi tape, submersible and votive lights with colored water and beads to mimic the look of lava lamps. I want to bring modern touches to retro style, with funky lettering for table numbers which will be significant years in BBBST’s history, and small touches in centerpieces to go along with decade like old records as backdrops for pictures of matches of that same year and peace signs!

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