Wedding Inspiration : Fig + Blush

PicMonkey CollageThis season always makes me crave my favorite fruit, figs. Figs hold a special place in my heart because they remind me of my grandfather and Portugal. I’ve been feeling quite inspired by the beautiful combination from the fruit’s flesh deep violene coloring, blush rind, juicy pink center and hints of green. As summer quickly turns into fall, this is a great way to blend ethereal blush fabrics with natural materials like wood and gold. The subtle yet rich plum tones bring the perfect amount of warmth for a cozy, glam and romantic fete! I think I’m actually looking forward to the season change.

{Photos via: brie stack cake source unknown, plum makeup palette, gold i do cake topper, Chanel eyelinerblush tulle, antique letters, bushes and bushes blooming with these pretties, figs, lovely vintage bridesmaid dressesberry donutsLush dahlias}

5 thoughts on “Wedding Inspiration : Fig + Blush

  1. I love figs too but unfortunately had to leave summer in our home in Portugal before the figs were ready – shame! I bought some when I got back here to console myself and tried to photograph one (I want to make some autumn jewellery in the fig colours) but they didn’t come out well at all – it just looked a mushy mess! Love your inspiration board and your blog, take care. Cath


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