Fall Wardrobe Wish List

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 2.54.57 PMCan you believe summer has gone by, and the only thing on my mind is Fall. Who would’ve thought, but I am looking forward to cooler days, holiday entertaining, and transforming my closet. My fall wardrobe goal is to include versatile basic pieces every lady should have, that are stylish, yet professional for the work week and can be transformed into weekend wear that is casual and chic. I love myself a good slouchy pant and full skirt, especially when it comes in leather. I just got similar pieces here and here. I always am in need of color in my wardrobe, this orange maxi, bright floral trousers and smoked lavender nail tones are just the right touches. I’ve been into more menswear inspired pieces like jackets. I think every woman’s closet should have a neutral versatile dress, a printed dress, and the one thing I’m in dire need of, a classic professional leather bag. I can’t get these bold iridescent earrings out of my head. Plaid silk scarves paired with comfy, yet sophisticated cashmere sweaters. This time of year always reminds of my recent fall trips to Portugal where I would be shopping at Zara for this coatpumps, and leather bucket bag.


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