Friday Favorites

69fe9002b83e04f155989e77890f473cThis week went by way too fast, then again when you’re planning an event just a short week away, it seems like time is of the essence. Every minute every second makes a difference. I’ll admit I doubted my abilities, felt frustrated and beyond overwhelmed. There just isn’t time for me, it’s all about work and I think I’m starting to lose it. I do underestimate myself, I mean honestly who doesn’t at times, but I do know I’m my own worst enemy, so I have to give it to my family and friends for being such an amazing support system and encouragement for me lately, even being on the other coast. An overwhelming feeling of doubt that I wouldn’t be able to pull if off came over me, but my conscious slapped me in the face with a big “Are you kidding?!! There isn’t anyone else that can make this happen, and make it amazing, but YOU!” Work is stressful, life is demanding. We all struggle with finding the perfect harmony and will doubt ourselves, its human nature, but we mustn’t ever lose confidence in our abilities. Remember no one else matters but you! I believe in me, and that’s been my motivating fire. b181f00710ee6434e8456d9178a48b27I’m usually one for neutral light home decor, but I’m loving the color combination of this living spacePicMonkey CollageOh to have gotten this clever Kenneth Cole NYFW invite and walk the streets of NYC in these
bf9463f54380edbf3fda952d46ab126aCan you believe it’s September already? This pretty desktop background will make my days brighter073dc737d61bbd4281add6e20bbb8f41How romantic and elegant is this wine cellar receptionPicMonkey Collage

I think a crostini and wine al fresco dinner is in order before the weather begins to turn

7ae94e94fd596ebc3cb7f70f54771e0dI’ve already shared how much I can’t get enough of these lovely tones

d023eb8791767b7fe009bccabbb21f64If you haven’t already hear about Clementine Daily, then check it out, it’s my current inspirational obsession

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