A New Season

a71527a05f62d8bc806afbf8ded6de78It’s officially Fall, and I’m actually wishing I was back on the East Coast taking advantage of the bright orange and fiery red trees that have begun to lose their leaves. I’ve been so busy with work, planning the Golf Tournament, which was a huge success, and now I’m less than two weeks away from the 50th Anniversary Gala. I even lost sight that we have slowly slipped away from Summer, and right into the beginning of holiday celebrations. All my mind can focus on is work, well as functional as it could, but I just can’t seem to shake it especially when so much needs to get done, without the luxury of time or money…I’m honestly just looking forward to end of the month where my job doesn’t consume my life and I can finally have my life back again, so for now I’ll appreciate the best of the season, even though it’s too brutally hot here in the desert.

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