The Great Pumpkin Dinner

086e278de29d9d918a79eb516bfd33edTake advantage of this amazing fall weather and send an invite to all your friends for a pumpkin carving dinner on all Hallow’s Eve. Grab the gang, go pumpkin picking, then gather around for a simple seasonal gallette and cocktails, and night of jack o’lantern making.

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 6.40.28 PM

Cover a picnic table with a flannel blanket, set out this mushroom gallette as guests arrive, alongside individual butternut squash soups. Serve the  widow’s peak cocktail, in canisters on a drink cart away from the carving station, so guests can get up whenever they’d like, before embarking on a day of pumpkin carving…Place personal kits with all the necessary tools, tips, and make sure to have many different templates on hand for guests to use.

PicMonkey CollageGo traditional or ambitiously scary with your creations. I also do like the look of words. And for those who simply can’t manage tools and carving, the possibilities are endless…

PicMonkey Collage

Add studs, paint and write a fun quote using a marker, decoupage  with family photos and old family lace, which I plan to do for a Thanksgiving table setting in the next coming month.


Then watch your jack o’lanterns glisten in the moonlight

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