Last Minute Halloween Inspiration

Halloween is just one day away! If you’ve been too busy to get into the holiday, here’s some last-minute inspiration, that is simple to recreate and festive…IMG_8774How perfect is this Halloween and Fall Themed table scape my roommate did! PicMonkey CollageHaving holiday themed office parties, look at these adorable and simple decor pieces my roommate did for events she’s coordinating. She glued burlap onto Kraft gift bags, a felt pumpkin and wooden sticks, and smaller sticks with a  burlap strip around a glass votive. For the ghost napkin ring, she colored in the ghost face with a permanent marker onto a white napkin, then looped it through a branchy ring, fold side up so that when you insert silverware it doesn’t come out from the top. c3e7442e5721744665808b1d6d8a787f

Creep any guests that come to you door with this snake wreath

PicMonkey CollageDon’t forget small details like this spider votive, black and gold washi tape candles, and spider web nail art, which I can’t wait to try

PicMonkey CollageGholish spirits, a cauldron covered in spider webs are scary enough to bring back the dead, but these googly-eyed flowers soften the mood

PicMonkey CollageCreate a yarn skeleton piece of art, spray a plastic skull with glitter as the place setting, and use festive skull stirrers for a gross, yet refreshing Gin Goblin

a4b3ebaa5f61b434d928a1744b641b2bPicMonkey CollageI love this pumpkin mantle with flame carvings, while scary face pumpkin is always needed. Black and silver pumpkins with spiders become creepy, but gold pumpkins will always catch my eye!

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