How To : Simple Fall Foliage Wreath

IMG_9084I was pretty lucky to have amazing weather last week during my week off from work, where I spent a lot of time walking outside with the pups.  One of the things I enjoy about my apartment complex is the grass and fresh flowers, but as I walked past the bushes near the pool, I couldn’t help but become inspired by the simple fall colors in the greens and berries, and soft, slightly ethereal feel of the fern to make a wreath for our front door. Considering the weather, it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away, which is why I thought our apartment could use some holiday dressing up. IMG_9030You’ll Need:

– A few stems of fall greens + berries of your choice

– Two long leafy green branches

– Scissors

– Floral Wire

– Floral Tape

– Wire Cutters

– Ribbon IMG_9082PicMonkey CollageBend the stems back and forth a bit, so that they are pliable enough to be bent into a circle. Secure both branch ends together with the floral wire, then twist the other ends to close the circle, securing with the wire.  I took small stems of colored leaves and placed them on each side, securing with the wire. It’s a trial and error process, I played around with it for a bit before I got the look I enjoyed.IMG_9109

PicMonkey CollageFor the gathered bunch wreath, hold stems upside down and place a stem of berries between two leafy steams {preferably ones that are long and full}. Wrap floral wire tightly around bunch to secure, cut with wire cutter and tuck sharp edge in. Wrap ribbon around the wire twice , then loop it from the bottom {leafy end} to the top {ends of stems}, cut end to length depending on how much of an overhang you’d like. I decided to fray my edges, for an even simpler effect. IMG_9087The downfall about this wreath is eventually the greens wilt, and lose their vivid fall color, but that’s why I love using real plants for decor. You are always bringing something new and fresh into your home.

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