In the Kitchen {Thanksgiving Desserts}

Once November rolls around, unexpectedly, I’ve got more lists of recipes I’d like to try than I can handle. With my hectic schedule at work, while trying to pack up and move, my list has become more of just endless pins, and with just nine days until Thanksgiving, yes 9 days, I’ve got to figure out what I’ll be making this holiday!! Since it’s not Thanksgiving for me without an assortment of pies, I was inspired to recreate some new flavors to pair alongside the classics. ed3939d319edcb25c19326535b8783b0Okay, I’ll stop at breakfast with pie, but wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning with a pumpkin s’mores doughnut muffin

8059ebadde65b35c568c77f41a23cacdMounds of juicy plums make me want to devour this filing, but I may want to use some of the season’s freshest cranberries

6a00d8358081ff69e2019b00651f7b970c-800wiIt’s been too long since I’ve made this spiked caramel, which would pair lovely with a honey and whiskey apple tartlet

Pumpkin-Brulee-Cheesecake-via-Bakers-RoyalePumpkin, check. Creme Brulee, check. Cheesecake, check. Now I just need to make this into a pie, and it will be the ultimate fall decadence.

065Brown Butter, Caramel & Coconut skillet Apple Crumble, need I say more

pecanpieI plan on displaying a browned butterversion of this pecan pie, alongside the classic apple pie I make every year

ca235680c671fbe8209926acb7d1117aIt pays off being a vegetarian during Thanksgiving, because the real show stealers are dessert for me, which is why I need to make this parfait. The best part it’s raw! Perfect for overindulging while maintaining control with other fabulous dishes that make Thanksgiving one of the best foodie holidays.

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