How To : Mini Pine Wreaths

IMG_9552My holiday decor style changes every year, but I’ve always been drawn to natural elements. There’s nothing more calming than walking through a beautifully lit winter wonderland, into a home that smells of strong, yet calming pine. Although we have a faux tree, I wanted to incorporate natural pine into other decor pieces. These mini pine wreaths are simple, and festive. Place them along your staircase, fireplace mantle, or wall above your holiday food buffet. PicMonkey Collage

You’ll Need

  • Pine branches, winter greens of your choice
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Floral Tape {optional}

IMG_2872Choose a long branch with full green pine stems. Carefully bend the branch back and forth, which will make it easier to shape into a circle. Be careful not to snap it, medium thick branches work best {if you can easily snap it with your hands it’s too thin, if you can’t cut it with your cutters than it’s too thick}. IMG_2880Overlap the ends slightly, and wrap tightly with the floral wire. Take small green stems, and cover the two edges you brought together, securing with a piece of wire. For two of my wreaths, I didn’t have branches that were long enough to create the size I wanted, in this case, take two branches that bend easily and secure both together to create a circle.

I used the floral wire, twisting around the weaker sides, working it to create a rounder shape, then fill empty spaces with green stems. There’s no right or wrong way to assemble these, I played around with the branches for a bit to create a look I liked. 
IMG_2889Take small stems and fill in bare spaces, securing with floral wire. Loop your ribbon through the top {where both edges meet} and secure wherever you’ll be hanging them. These would work just as lovely with sprigs of rosemary too!

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