Holiday Gift Guide

PicMonkey CollageThis holiday season has felt way too hectic for me, which is why I haven’t given much thought to Christmas gifts until I realized the month is halfway through!! I find women to be easy to gift, no matter what age or preferences there are a few staple items that work well for all. These serve as just ideas for you to take and personalize for your own family and friends, of course choosing styles, colors and scents you know they would buy themselves. But who doesn’t need another cozy sweater or fuzzy slippers for cold winter days, and why not start their year off right with a lovely daily planner or great looking basic accessories we all should have. And I’ll admit I’m guilty of wanting all these items for myself too!

Ugg Slippers $89.95

Knitted Sequin Bow sweater $100

Such a Cinch cuff $11.95

“Meet the Girls” fragrance collection $62

2014 Planner $36

Kate Spade Celebrity candle collection $40

Lifefactory Glass bottle $23

iPhone cases $34 {un-patiently waiting for mine!}

“Taylor” Headphones $199.99

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