Handmade Holiday : Cookies & Coffee Gift Mugs

Handmade Holiday: Cookies & Coffee Gift Mugs | Dreamery Events
Handmade gifts are always special during the holidays, because they’re meaningful, personalized and more often than not, the most cost efficient. One of my favorite handmade gifts are homemade seasonal treats, like cookies or candies. People appreciate gifts so much more when they know that time has thoughtfully been spent on creating something just for them. You can choose to completely DIY your gifts by making your own mugs like these, or buy ones like these from Starbucks. Fill your mugs with coffee or tea, gourmet chocolates or homemade truffles. IMG_9643Choose your favorite holiday cookie recipes, ones that you’ve made before because well, this isn’t the time to make new recipes. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti make great cookies because they pair lovely with coffee and tea, and last longer than others {recipe here}, along with my favorite Gingerbread Cookies, which were placed in mini cellophane bags wrapped with red twine. Place a stamped tag on each of your treats, making sure to note nuts and other common allergens. Wrapped up in glittering ribbon, this is the perfect gift for all this season.IMG_9646 IMG_9649 IMG_9654 IMG_9663 IMG_9667

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