National Bake Cookies Day

Grab a glass of milk or make a warm comforting mug of hot cocoa, and spend the day baking, decorating and eating cookies to celebrate National Bake Cookies Day! While I bake these, here’s some sweet treat inspiration for you.

tvm2169_051507_chocchipcookies_xlMy ultimate favorite Chocolate Chip cookies

c3474d7ed87e9b609bbed010e25d7faeI’ll be making these Browned Butter Apple Cider Caramel filled cookies this year, along with some hot cider for out traditional night of opening gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve

meringue-acorns-001-hl-mld110178_vertCoffee Meringue Acorns

b7f8775f75abcc5eda689249bb53a785Persimmon Pistachio Cookies

a617dc439770500c0507e253c5f30da8Chewy Lemon Cookies

d8904e63ac09ff20f0f738ad7c3ded7fChocolate Macarons with Blackberry Filing

f489c99efdd547694213cd264518d3b5Thin Mints

fca8a3eae805e1381822aad754e4ae30Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Fluffernutter Cookies

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