The Year to ACHIEVE

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New Year’s Eve is often seen as a time of rebirth, the chance to start anew, and although I’m not one for resolutions, I’m all for reflecting on our life and setting goals, big or small, that we want to accomplish. Aside from being goals, these are passions that I want to make a reality, but my favorite part is that I’ve included friends and family in on these goals too. I’ll share with you the broader forms of these goals, as each one follows with smaller tasks, like getting more regular haircuts to making this the year the one I finally transform The Dreamery into an Event Styling and Specialty Dessert brand and business.  Last year, I decided my word for 2013 was Create, but this year I’ve decided to make 2014 the year to ACHIEVE! Whether you have set out goals for the new year or not, I hope that all your wishes are achieved and it’s a year filled with many wonderful moments.

  1. Don’t be so hard on myself, make myself a priority and remember to follow my passions
  2. Travel to old and new places, and see each place with a different eye
  3. Learn to not get overworked over the small things, remember to just breath when I feel frustrated and anxious
  4. Live more sustainably
  5. Feed my creativity
  6. Save money, and invest in the right areas
  7. Don’t hold myself back physically, push myself to try new things and fully commit
  8. Take and make an invested interest with others, and strengthen my relationship with family and friends
  9. Be present in the moment
  10. Give back to my community in a positive way, and get active about doing volunteer work that will impact some part of the world
  11. Continue learning as much as I can about everything possible
  12. Diversify my style
  13. Work on strengthening my photography skills
  14. Spend more time outside, and embrace nature through all seasons
  15. Get to know the area I live in a lot more, do as much as I can
  16. Turn my kitchen into an area of experimentation, while hosting more parties and gatherings
  17. Stop holding myself back from certain things, overcome my fears by not making excuses and just go for it!

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