A Sweet Valentine’s Tabletop


There is something so romantic about February. The weather calls for cozy nights, the year still fresh, and perfectly timed for us to open our hearts and share love. Of course some of it is in part to do with Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or happily taken, it’s not just about romanticism, it’s a special day to show those you love how much you appreciate them, a time to spread the love to the people, places and activities you love. Valentine’s Day is a time to indulge in sweet things, so I decided to create a lovely romantic afternoon, full of sweet treats, soft pink tulle and lovely florals that you can savor with your loved one or just your girlfriends. 

Throughout the week I’ll be sharing recipes and crafts featured for this shoot, from these personal heart curd pies, an aphrodisiac flavor infused baked Alaska, a sweet champagne cocktail, some adorable Valentine cards and shimmering Cupid’s arrow place cards. Whether you enjoy a special night out, or pursue your passion in painting, enjoy the romantic season and surround yourself with the things you love.IMG_3337IMG_3254IMG_3288

The wall display was made by spraying a branch with white paint, tying ribbons in different lengths and attaching pink and red paper cut out hearts with double sided tape. I had a lot of dried rose buds that were just in a pile, so I glued them around a foam wreath. Then used this paint in ballet slipper and hot pink to create an ombre effect. I finished it by bunching a small piece of leftover pink tulle in the center of the wreath. For the chair backs I simply attached two red paper hearts, behind each other, with double sided tape onto a thin pink ribbon. IMG_3335IMG_3264IMG_3287IMG_3338IMG_3257IMG_3253
IMG_0178IMG_3285 IMG_0170 IMG_0169 IMG_0167 IMG_0155 IMG_3270 IMG_3292IMG_3296 IMG_3320 IMG_3346

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