Valentine’s Day Cards


There are certain parts of Valentine’s Day that I don’t like, as in commercialized greeting cards, which is why there isn’t a better way to spread love than with a handmade card. All you need is beautiful card stock in lovely colors and patterns cut in different sizes, paper dollies for a pretty lace effect, glittered appliques for a sweet message, and watercolors, which I used cookie cutters to delicately paint hearts and the word Love as a fun, unexpected touch. If you’re having a get together for Valentine’s Day, a great idea is to create your own with friends or spread onto your table with a personal message for each guest, as I have done here. Handmade from the heart, these easy-to-make Valentine’s Day cards will make your loved ones feel special.

IMG_3187IMG_3203 IMG_3208 IMG_3211 IMG_3212 IMG_3225

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