All About Lace

f9bcece7b702a8093c10c77f06a34b6cThrough the centuries, lace has been the staple for weddings gowns, that gracefully conceal, yet reveal the femininity of brides. It also has been making a serious and beautiful statement in the bridal fashion scene in recent years. Lace isn’t all the same, each delicate detailing has a different history, look and technique that makes it unique, but from traditional to modern laser-cut designs, the one thing all lace is desired by brides, is its sheer beauty. After sharing Spring 2014 collections from amazing designers, I thought it would be helpful to learn about this beautiful fabric.

The mother of laces, Chantilly, named after its origin French city, is light and delicate with floral and scroll designs. This hand-sewn lace adds romance to sheer overlays or intricate embroidering.  PicMonkey Collage

{Matina LianaJenny Lee}

PicMonkey Collage{Gemmy MaaloufRivini Sabbia}

PicMonkey Collage{Marchesa, Elie by Elie Saab}

Alencon, also known as the “Queen of Laces” and the “Lace of Queens” was also supposedly the preferred lace of Marie Antoinette. For good reason, this stunning pain-stakingly detailed lace takes about seven hours of hand stitched work just to produce one centimeter of fabric. Alencon is by far my favorite lace because the exquisite texture creates an almost 3D effect that transforms any bride into royalty.

PicMonkey Collage{Jenny Lee Style 1409 and Style 1403 combine Alencon Lace and tulle}

500_main_zoom{Martina Liana}

Guipere lace is the more dramatic of laces, with elaborate patterns. Its name appropriately comes from the French meaning “to cover with silk” since instead of the custom mesh that covers lace, Guipure is connected with large stitches. For the bride who wants to make a bold statement, yet still be gracefully romantic.

PicMonkey Collage{Martina LianaMartina Liana}

PicMonkey Collage{Jenny LeePeter Langner}

New versions of lace have been making their mark amongst the traditional beauties for all the right reasons. From metallic, floral, corded lace, appliques and laser cut fabrics that mimic the timeless detail of lace with every bit of enticing romanticism.

PicMonkey Collage{Martina LianaAmsale}

457_main_zoom{Martina Liana}

PicMonkey Collage{Elizabeth FilmoreElizabeth Filmore Ingrid}


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