Oscar Viewing Essentials

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 6.26.17 PMI’ll admit the best part of Oscar night is the red carpet fashion and the hysterical Ellen Degeneres, as well as having another perfect excuse to get together with friends. Nothing elaborate, just a casual laid-back get together, enjoying  some good food and drinks, while adding movies to our must watch list. Maybe next year we will have a movie night to catch up on all the nominees, until then I’ve pulled together the essentials for your Oscar viewing this Sunday.

For simple decor your guests can still feel comfortable lounging and reveling in hollywood glamour, hang strands of gold stars in different corners of your home, place DIY glittered bud vases throughout and setup oversized pillows and throws for a casual viewing party.

Easy snacks like a glammed up fondue made with goat cheese a la American Hustle but with a classy take made with goat or brie cheese and peaches, brioche, asparagus and other fresh vegetables. Finger foods are essential for an Oscar viewing party and these Paella inspired Arancini are a lovely alternate to chips, along with bags of caramel popcorn.

Have each guest fill out their Oscar ballots, as you admire the beautiful red carpet gowns and sip an array of refreshing simple drinks like an Elderflower Champagne Cocktail or Black Velvet Stout. Remember to have fun!

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