Friday Favorites


Between a weekend away in New York City, meetings and small jobs this week has flown by like no other. Not fully feeling energized this week, made me feel like I’ve been actually wasting time and not following through with what I’ve told myself I’ve set out to do. Better yet I’ve realized that I’ve lost my sense of time management. Now that things are moving forward and happening, with a few events in the works, I’ve got to push myself to stay focused and allocate my time in the right places. Between work, creating content for the blog, training for my half marathon and squeezing in personal time, any one of us can lose track. I usually get frustrated when things don’t necessarily go as planned, something I’ve worked years to overcome and am still working on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a much more open person but there are still times when I need to remind myself to breathe and let the day be as it comes. But all these wonderful things ahead excite and motivate me to persevere like vibrant Spring colors. Whether your weekend is full of plans or meant for doing nothing, take a moment to breathe and trust that beautiful things are happening.


Endless floral images are inspiring me, along with my new favorite coral nail color that is also scentedIMG_0472Lightly broiling grapefruit is a nice change in the morning

I just love when colorful Spring magazines arrive in the mailIMG_0524 IMG_0521

Through all the hustle and vibrant colors, there’s a quite stillness on an early Sunday morning in New York City


The Oscars meant relaxing with some molten lava cakes

IMG_0527A chilly day in New York City in search of tasty bites brought me to the frozen fountain at Bryant Park, the highly recommended and famed Momofuku noodle bar, and one of my new favorite bars Employees Only IMG_0530 Employees Only Amelia Cocktail Employees Only Quote

{image above & below}

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