Spotlight On…Warby Parker|Spectrum Sun Collection

Warby Parker | Hall Warby Parkera meticulously crafted eyewear brand you might not know of, but will soon fall in love with. I’ve heard a bit about Warby Parker, having popped up once or twice on my Pinterest, it’s not until I was approached by them to feature one of their fabulous new collections on my blog that I truly appreciated their products. Warby Parker was born from a passion in design and desire to transform the world into a better place, and so vintage-inspired eyewear designs, were developed at reasonable prices in a time optical expenses are high. How does a company provide a high quality product, without charging a fortune, by thinking outside traditional methods and directly engaging with customers. They use the finest custom acetates and materials, including the finest anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses for an aesthetic that is filled with a personality that is vintage, contemporary and refined. Warby Parker

The best part, and one that left a mark on my heart, Warby Parker is eyewear that represents a purpose. Almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses! They’re not only an eyewear brand, but they are building a company that is doing good in the world, by addressing the 15% of the world’s population who can’t effectively learn or work because of lack of resources. For every purchased pair of Warby Parker glasses, together with VisionSpring, a pair and/or funding is distributed to someone in need along with building up communities with training to locals. An overall sustainable brand, from its product to its exceptional service. The truly touching and amazing stories of the lives Warby Parker has improved, like Juana’s, will prove it. Read here for more on all the amazing work Warby Parker accomplishes. Warby Parker || Spectrum Sun Collections

Now onto their amazing collection I can’t keep my “eyes” off…

Warby Parker | Spectrum Sun Collection 2014

Sunshine and warmth, flowers and ice cream, and of course sunglasses. Warby Parker’s Spectrum Sun Collection has got all the right shapes and pops of color for a bright new season. The Spring collection includes optical choices, as well as sun ware, to fit whatever mood and person you want to be. Having just cracked my own prescription pair, it’s only fitting I replace mine with these. The Spectrum Sun Collection, along with the Spring 2014 collection and other great sunglasses make Warby Parker a one of kind eyewear brand, and you’ll see why by their styles below.

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 3.33.52 PMThere isn’t anything more lovely than the delicate coloring and scents of Cherry Blossoms, the perfect inspiration for THE only sunglasses you need this season, the Hall in Cherry Blossom. The color is more sweet and adventurous, perfect for mid afternoon daydreams, or day dashing between work meetings.
Warby Parker || Spectrum Sun Collection 2014 Warby Parker || Spectrum Sun Collection 2014

At first the Dean and Downing might look like the same design, but looking closely they’re not like one another whatsoever. The Downing’s rounder, more feminine style, would complete my go-to daytime floral dress, while the Dean, my choice in English Oak, with its classic straighter style would be paired with casual jeans, basic tee and cargo jacket.

Warby Parker || Spectrum Spring 2014Oversized glasses were my staple, I’ve since then gone for more classic shapes, but the Minnie in Eucalyptus is just the right amount of fun for beach days. I did a double take for the Piper, in Woodland Tortoise, a style that is both modern and graceful, like Audrey Hepburn’s timeless cat eye.

Warby Parker Warby Parker

Warby Parker can be found exclusively online and at one of these locations

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