I’m Loving…

From erupting flower petals, to designs perfect for warm getaways, there’s so many things I’m Loving right now…
I'm Loving...QuoteRemember to be mindful of your surroundings, it allows you to not forget to make a life! {quote via}
I'm Loving..Volcano Erupting Flower Petals
This amazing video is what 8 million flowers would look like erupting from a volcano.
I'm Loving...For Love & LemonsI'm Loving..For Love & Lemons
Obsessing isn’t even the word to describe For Love & Lemons’ collection. Thanks to coco + kelley, I now want every piece in my closet. It’d be a stretch this lace ensemble, but I NEED this dress for my trip to Mexico soon.
I'm Loving..Johanna Johnson the GableJohanna Johnson’s Spring bridal collection is breathtaking, my best friend’s recent Gatsby bridal shower is making me want to relive those days in the Gable

 I'm Loving...Spring Updos
I will perfect my braiding skills, these Spring-dos are too pretty not to showcase. {Go here for more ideas}
I'm Loving...Scotch NaturalsScotch Naturals is an eco-friendly nail lacquer with beautiful salon quality nail lacquers. Loving Canal Street Daisy!  
I'm Loving...Warby Parker | Ellison
Warby Parker has become one of my favorite brands, along with their Spectrum collection I featured here, I’m also loving the Ellison.
I'm Loving...DIY Clutch
With several weddings and parties coming up, this simple DIY clutch will definitely be a statement piece.
I'm Loving...Cuisinart Hand Blender
I can’t seem to understand why I haven’t used my hand blender’s food processor attachment a lot sooner, it made this pesto and lentil version of “meat”balls so much easier! I’m also loving my waffle maker for grilled cheeses and peanut butter and homemade fig jam from my region of Portugal sandwiches, to die for!
I'm Loving...LOV Organic Tea
I’ve cut back my morning winter coffee, and replaced it with refreshing tea instead. A mug of Lov Organic’s Lov is Good, seems like the perfect way to begin each day. 
I'm Loving...Natural Dye Egg KitDying eggs aren’t a big tradition in my family, but I want to change that. Then I started thinking about eating those colored eggs, and whatever chemicals came along with those products. After finding this Natural Egg Dye Kit I’ll give it a try. {See here for ways to natural dye frosting too}
I'm Loving...Eucca Floral StudioEucca Floral Studio not only has beautiful sustainable masterpieces, but they also make it easier to have these magnificent succulents in your home or at your wedding by ordering online
I'm Loving...Montana Gold Spray PaintMontana’s Gold spray paint is probably the best! {Available here}
I'm Loving...Oh Joy products for Target
How can you not be excited about all the great products Joy from Oh Joy is now available at Target. Garden Party anyone??
I'm Loving...Peach and Pink Centerpiece
I think I’ll stick with a peach and pale pink palette for my Easter Centerpiece.
I'm Loving Carrot Margarita
I think these Carrot Margaritas would be perfect for Easter brunch.
I'm Loving....Geometric Wedding
Although, the design intrigues me I appreciate it in small doses, until I spotted this geo-inspired wedding.
I'm Loving...Groomsmen Gifts
Not sure if grooms will send their groomsmen notes, but these are some great gifts to recognize the men that will be part of your special day.
I'm Loving...Color Palette
This image grabbed my attention at first, but then I was swooning for the perfect blend of muted black and matte pastels.
I'm Loving...10 Signs You're a Wanderluster
Yes, I’m definitely a Wanderluster, isn’t it the best way to experience life!

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