NYC Dining {Cocktails}

Before moving to Tucson, I did research on places my roommate and I should dine at, being we love food and the experience of going out to eat. It’s also the best recommendation to become familiar when living in a new city. It was one of my favorite pastimes when I lived out West, and I wanted to find my go to restaurants back home on the east coast. If you haven’t heard about Tasting Table yet and consider yourself a foodie, you need to check it out now! It’s a daily email newsletter all about the best of the food and drink culture across the country. The stories and features they share are exciting, and when I was thinking about a restaurant I wanted to go for my birthday, I realized I had lists of places I wanted to experience for myself too! I first started this NYC Dining series by sharing my picks for all around dining spots, but you can’t full enjoy a meal without a perfectly crafted cocktail, that is more like art than a spirit. In order to be a great cocktail spot, the menu selection has to be unique, local brimming with uncommon ingredients and combinations, that spark my interest. Secondly, the perfect cocktail bar, must also serve equally delicious and crafted bites. Nothing fussy, or considered fine dining, but compliments each concoction or aged spirit for a perfect New York City cocktail experience. 

NYC Dining {Piora}
Cocktail making has become a true art form, especially when there’s Piora, who uses a water dripper to slowly infuse digestifs with beautiful extracts, creating a cocktail experience like no other. Read more here for more on this unique process. 

NYC Dining {Coopers Craft & Kitchen}

I’ve developed a refined liking to beer, especially local breweries, which is why Coopers Craft and Kitchen caught my eye, for beer tasting during summer weekends with friends. 

NYC Dining {Prune}Going out for cocktails isn’t just a nighttime activity, that’s if you’re a Bloody Mary fan like myself. Prune has quite the selection from classic to a splash of Clam juice. Fresh Ricotta with lovely toppings like figs and nuts, make a lovely morning side, when Brunch requires something a bit lighter.

NYC Dining {The Dutch} The quantity and quality of Whiskeys at The Dutch are quite unmatched, as is their Prince Platter and Oyster selection. 

NYC Dining {Colonia Verde}Colonia Verde, another Latin influenced restaurant is got my attention with refreshing and simple drinks like La Fresca, which remind me of Tucson.

NYC Dining {The Good Fork}

The Good Fork evokes that old favorite mom and pop restaurant bar feel, but with more unique and perfectly blended drinks and an Asian influenced menu.

NYC Dining {Employees Only}

Employees Only, is another I highly recommend having already gone before and fallen in love with the Amelia and sweet Elderflower Liqueur.

Read here for more great dining spots and cocktail recommendations

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