Environmentally Friendly Wedding Details

There’s nothing I love more than a beautiful wedding, I mean marriage is a wonderful thing, but it’s not only a costly event, it’s also a wasteful one {estimating between 400 to 600 pounds of garbage and 62 tons of carbon dioxide produced!}. To think such a memorable day in our lives, is also the cause of serious damage in the world, especially if you consider the millions of weddings taking place each year. As someone who aims to live sustainably and make small changes that do good for the environment, I decided to share some eco-friendly alternatives to popular wedding trends and traditions that can easily be done on your special day.

Environmentally Friendly WeddingEmbrace the beauty of nature. Choose a location outdoors that is lush with trees, flowers, and plants, this will keep other decor to a minimum. Skip balloons, confetti, or those bubbles in plastic containers, instead opt for a flower petal send off. {image via}

Environmentally Friendly WeddingEnvironmentally Friendly WeddingSimply adorn your cake with fresh seasonal fruit, or simple wildflower blooms. If opting for a unique topper, use one made of sustainable materials. {cake image via, topper via}

Wear sustainable accessories. It can be more challenging to wear a sustainable wedding gown, although most designers are opting for better fabrication methods and fabrics, but along with beautiful floral crowns, opt for lab-created diamonds or stones, since diamond mining is environmentally devastating. {floral crown image via, ring via}
Environmentally Friendly Wedding Environmentally Friendly Wedding

Pick local blooms, instead of exotic out of season flowers. Use wildflowers that grow in nearby farms and leave arrangements loose and organic, simply wrapping with a special ribbon you may already have. Talk to your nursery they’ll have suggestions and ideas you might not have considered. {image via}

Environmentally Friendly Wedding

Use herbs and potted plants. They often get overlooked as wedding flowers, but they bring a freshness like no other. Along with being more affordable, potted centerpieces can then be placed in your new home’s garden. Give each guest potted herbs as a parting gift they can reuse as well. {potted centerpiece DIY via, potted herb favors via}

Environmentally Friendly WeddingEnvironmentally Friendly Wedding

Reuse materials. Ask family and friends to gather mason jars for drinking glasses and bottles for vases, the eclectic mix will be a fun and personal touch. Paper products are a huge part of any wedding, source stationery made from recycled materials, and keep the use to a minimum by displaying a large sign for the day’s events and menu. Reuse string lights, instead of paper lanterns, naturally dye linens, and use soy candles. {mason jar image via, invitations via, sign image via, strung lights image via

Environmentally Friendly WeddingEnvironmentally Friendly WeddingEnvironmentally Friendly Wedding Environmentally Friendly Wedding

Research your vendors. Find ones that use sustainable methods, like a dry cleaner. Talk with caterers, find out if they have their own farm, or work with local farmers to source their produce. Green Wedding Guide and Wedding Lovely are great sources for finding supplies and vendors near you. 

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