Easy Garden Inspiration

Easy Garden InspirationNow that the garden has begun to bloom, I’ve begun repotting budded flowers, giving them new homes in vases and amongst the others in the garden. I thought by now, the vines would be gracing the deck with shade and the patio furniture would be making its way outside but since the weather has still been quite temperamental here on the east, I’ve yet to style the yard. I’m looking to add some new charm to complement the brightly colored flowers and greens popping up. I dream of Martha Stewart’s garden at Turkey Hill, hoping one day to have my own space half as beautiful as hers, overflowing with unique life in every small corner. Until then, I’ll follow her advice and work my way into planting as many flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits into every corner of my yard possible, and adding some of these simple touches to create my version of an English garden I’ve always dreamed of.
Easy Garden InspirationI’m on the hunt for a rustic bench to place alongside the raised vegetable garden

Easy Garden InspirationLights are just so magical when strung outside

Easy Garden InspirationThe flower child in me, would find it peaceful to have this sign hidden amongst the blooms

Easy Garden InspirationI’m not a fan of tiki lights, but this is a great way to bring light and use up wine bottles

Easy Garden InspirationI think a simple stone fountain would be perfect amongst my succulent patch

Easy Garden Inspirationpotting table is a necessity when arranging your fresh-cut flowers

Easy Garden InspirationFor those with many plants, but not enough ground space, a vertical garden space is just perfect

Easy Garden InspirationEasy Garden InspirationI love repurposing unlikely garden materials like a vintage watering can or shovels

Easy Garden InspirationI think I’ll hang a hammock brought from the Honduras underneath another set of grape vines for a lovely reading nook

Easy Garden InspirationAnd I’ll need to make sure to do all my post spring cleaning before a graduation soiree I’ll be hosting next month

Easy Garden InspirationAnd if conditions and space were in my favor I’d fill my garden with numerous White flowers grouped together, fields of fun Poppies, Flowering Fruit Trees, endless variations and shades of Roses, bountiful bushes of delicate Peonies, the Miranda tulip in lieu of my family name, and lovely and wild Anemones

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