Creating a Home Coffee Bar

Creating a Home Coffee BarThere’s nothing like a perfectly designed and functional bar area for easy entertaining, it creates both a beautiful and functional touch to any home. But what about that daily morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea. Something we use on a daily basis like a coffee machine and mugs, don’t seem to get as much design attention as liquors poured into beautiful crafted bottles.

I’ve cut back from my usual amount of coffee drinking but being European, I enjoy treating myself to a good quality espresso mid-day. Working in New York City you get exposed to many amazing things, including the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had from the most elaborate coffee machine I’ve ever used. The Swiss company Jura, has been making high-end appliances, and have made their mark amongst the field of espresso and coffee machines, including the Impressa One Touch. In one simple click, it uses the finest italian roast to produce an exquisite espresso with perfect foam, a latte macchiato, and any other coffee creation imaginable. It’s just like having an authentic brew in a beautiful al fresco Italian cafe. Which is why this amazing machine inspired me to share some tips and ideas to create your own at home coffee bar worthy of any European cafe.

Creating Home Coffee BarIf you’re fortunate enough to have extra space in your kitchen, create a custom space within your cabinets with shelves and drawers dedicated to your mini coffee bar. This one looks just as beautiful as any coffee shop, and is a treat in any home. Creating Home Coffee BarJust like a liquor bar, a cart with wheels can be moved around anywhere in the kitchen or dining space, making it great for any small space. Creating a Home BarCreating a Home Coffee BarMake your coffee area more appealing to look at, with art and a cohesive color palette. I love the neutral yet rustic look of a grey cabinet, or white selves simply decorated {top image via, bottom image source unknown} Creating Home Coffee BarI will forever love the look of a French inspired beach cottage, as in this space which uses a vintage desk for a small coffee station. At-Home Coffee BarPlace your coffee machine atop a beautiful tray, like this handmade marble one Creating Home Coffee BarBlack and White Coffee BarI love glass containers and rustic boxes, use different shapes and sizes to keep coffee capsules, shortbread cookies, spoons and other coffee must haves {top image via, bottom image via}

Some Coffee Bar Essentials:

Coffee Brewing Equipment: whether it be high-tech, a capsule type machine or a French press

Mugs, espresso cups, saucers, and spoons

Coffee Bean Grinder

Coffee Bean and Tea Selection

Carafes and Teapots


Flavorings: sugars, cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, liquid coffee syrups, rock candy stirrers

Dessert Liquors: Baileys, Sambuca, Kahlua, Portuguese Port Wine

{Top Image Sources 1.Impressa Z7 One Touch by Jura, 2.Chemex Coffeemaker, 3.Lip Tease Mug by Reiko Kaneko, 4.Success is Not for the Lazy Mug, 5.Pom Pom at Home Heritage Espresso Set, 6.Tonx Monthly Coffee Delivery, 7.Copper Kinley Sugar Bowl and Creamer from Crate and Barrel, 8.Fleur de Lis Cocktail Napkins and Park Ave Cocktail Napkins from One Kings Lane 9.Gold Dipped Porcelain Spoons and Brass Spoons from Leif}

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