I’m Loving…

I'm Loving...I’d give anything to be able to move and travel, but my injury has also given me the opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes. It has given me much more insight and an understanding of what it’s like to not be able to walk, have a disability or not do simple tasks normally. I value and look up to people with disabilities, they are truly the brave ones, the strong ones who perseveres and overcome the obstacles of life. Although, life is filled with many pretty and lovely things like the ones I’ve shared with you below, this quote also made me realize even though the world is a beautiful place, we must also be able to get out there and experience the hardships too.

I'm Loving...Ever since I’ve been a little girl, I’ve always been smitten with lace, and this veil is exactly why the Olsen sisters are design genisuses

I'm Loving...A simple yet beautiful centerpiece of garden roses that resemble the soft color of summer peaches

I'm Loving...I will always love a floral crown, but I love this braid with tiny flowers delicately dispersed

I'm Loving...I’m a sucker for a great structured printed midi skirt

I'm Loving... love Gamma Folk’s handmade pieces, especially this tassel necklace

I'm Loving...I’ve gathered up a few stained lace pieces my mother gave me, to make dreamcatchers like this one {source unknown}

I'm Loving...I’ve got multiple photo apps on my iPhone, and I’m having tons of fun with Party Party from A Beautiful Mess

I'm Loving...I’ve recreated this simple branch coffee table arrangement in my home, alongside vases filled with shells from Mexico

I'm Loving...Add a pop of color to your yard with this bright chair

I'm Loving...Farmer Market season is getting better by the day, and this basket is just perfect for all your fresh produce

I'm Loving...Between fresh beets and heirloom tomatoes, this is by far one of the loveliest summer salads

I'm Loving...I’m counting the seconds until I’m good enough to stand and bake again, this Cherry Clafoutis is first on my list

I'm Loving...My summer playlist just keeps growing, the latest addition “Cool Kids” by Echosmith

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