I’m Loving…

Each week I find a gorgeous image, a new trick or something that really excites me. I’m constantly inspired by the world, and now with more time to see what’s out there I find so many lovely things that keep me going through the week. Here are just a few of things I’m loving right now…This recovery time post surgery has me off my feet, but it has also given me more time for meditation and self-reflection. People underestimate how much good just five minutes of a calm meditative mindset can do. {quote via}I'm Loving...

Small dishes are perfect to corral random objects or dainty jewelry, I especially love the American Made Paloma’s Nest Ceramic Dish

I'm Loving...I just love Anna Sheffield’s non-traditional take on wedding bands

I'm Loving...Lovely seating cards adorned with precious stones

I'm Loving...Dahlias are all around my garden, and I was instantly inspired by this lovely arrangement

I'm Loving...Have you heard about ManServants? When strange males aren’t your thing at bachelorette parties, then again when is it anyone’s thing, this is the perfect alternative. From personal assistant to paparazzi at girls night out, their services ensure women are treated like queens, but you have to wait until Fall in the SF area for this one.

I'm Loving...I love off-the-shoulder tops, especially one I can make myself

I'm Loving...A crostini bar is always perfect for a summer party

I'm Loving...Is it normal from someone to have withdrawals from making ice cream, because I’ve got too many ideas and want this sorbet

I'm Loving...All this down time has me binge watching/catching up on shows mixed in with a lot of HGTV, and I can’t get bright white spaces out of my head

I'm Loving...How amazing are these realistic graphite drawings

I'm Loving...I saw this last week, and was completely smitten over an alphabet created from garden flowers

I'm Loving...I sit outside missing being able to tend to my garden, and dream about this lush greenhouse {source unknown}

I'm Loving...I’m not one to dress up my dog, but how adorable is this trench-coated pup

I'm Loving...I’ve had this shoot from Magnolia Rouge’s inagural issue of Lifestyle opened on my phone for almost two weeks now, not only because the shots portray Porto so beautifully, but because I miss Portugal so very much.

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