Flower + Herb Arrangements

Flower + Herb ArrangmentFresh flowers are a weakness of mine, and I try to have them throughout each room in the house, not only because they’re pretty, but for the aroma they bring into any room. I tend to place simple bud vases with single large blooms in the bathroom, or gather smaller arrangements together to create table centerpieces lovely from every angle the eye can see. Lovely mint julep cups were on sale here last week, and I just couldn’t pass up this great opportunity. I’ve been eyeing these pretty and versatile glasses for some time, imagining creating lovely flower arrangements or delicious drinks.

Since the beginning of the month, I’ve slowly begun collecting a variety of herbs from the garden to prepare for the colder months ahead, hanging them along the wall in my dark basement. Some will be brewed for tea, while others as spices in special dishes like this holiday baked brie.

Flower + Herb ArrangementI’ve been trying to take in as much summer freshness into my days, while I still can. So, I decided, while smelling the fragrant herbs in my basket, why not create small pretty arrangements, that make a subtle statement. The sweet basil and the refreshing lemon mint scents blend beautifully, hugging your senses with summer love. Herbs usually last in water and cool temperatures, refreshed and cut every other day, about 1 to 2 weeks, depending on care. Which allows me to enjoy the scents of gardening and summer until the remainder of August, while still working well with the beginning of the Fall season, where then I can start envisioning what these delicious herbs will become once winter.

Flower + Herb ArrangementThe front garden is blooming with so many pink garden roses, which I paired with delicate white flowering lemon mint.Flower + Herb ArrangementThe deep plum coloring of the Thai basil, is the perfect color as he head into fall.
Flower + Herb ArrangementI’d say the most unique part of my garden, are the small corners dispersed throughout of different succulents. We have small ones that resemble a bushel of rosettes, like these, and my favorite, which look like large bloomed flowers, like this one. I just loved the lavender hue a flowering succulent looked along with bright yellow flowering dill.
Flower + Herb ArrangementA large bunch of fresh mint makes for a beautiful, and beyond aromatic arrangement. Flower + Herb Arrangement

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