11 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Every year it seems like my Halloween plans are figured out last-minute, which doesn’t give me much time to work on an elaborate or detailed costume. So come the few days before Halloween I need ideas that are simple enough to recreate with things I already have. While there are so many amazing costume creations and makeup out that are spent the month on, I know that some ladies tend to wait until the last-minute to figure out what they will transform into. But these costumes work well, done ahead of time or just put together. So, to help those last-minute gals, like myself, I’m sharing simple diy and inexpensive costumes you can make in snap, or should I say with the wave of your wand…

Last Minute Halloween CostumesA sweet and delicious Strawberry

Last Minute Halloween CostumesOkay, I’m completely obsessed with this Ice Cream Cone Costume

DIY-Candy-Apple-Costume-600x900If you love play on words, then a Candy Apple is for you

Last Minute Halloween CostumesYou can easily buy an Alice costume, but this wonderland costume can easily be recreated with a powder blue dress, white apron and tights, black pumps and bow headband. Bonus points if your guy dresses up as the rabbit.

Last Minute Halloween CostumesI was a Tooth Fairy back in high school, and it’s still one of my favorite costumes, but Lauren Conrad did hers the right way with layers of chic tulle.

Last Minute Halloween CostumesMovies are the best form of inspiration, with items you already have you can easily become the iconic Sandy from Grease.

Last Minute Halloween CostumesFor something a bit darker, and so Halloween, Wednesday Adams is such a great idea. With a simple black dress and loafers, braids, and a white-collar made from a piece of white fabric or embellished white collar necklace.

Last Minute Halloween CostumesAs a festive piñata you’ll be asked for candy, so make sure you carry a bag of goodies for this fun costume.

Last Minute Halloween CostumesRosie the Riverter is strong and retro

Last Minute Halloween CostumesDo you remember Daria! What a great costume, for the low-key dressers

Last Minute Halloween CostumesAnother great costume for a LBD is a cat burglar. So mischevous!

For more Halloween makeup and costume ideas go here

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