Favorite Fall Dishes

Was it just me, or did the second Halloween was over, stores filled up with Christmas decor and commercials sang about the season’s best gifts. It’s like the holidays have gotten into overhaul, and there isn’t much time to take in the change of the holiday. The holidays are a great season, but it is also a busy one for most, especially if you handle the entertaining and cooking. Now that I’ve begun teaching cooking classes, I’ve been looking back to favorite recipes of mine, and I decided to share a variety of dishes that would work for the coming hectic months with unexpected family gatherings to Thanksgiving dinner and holiday parties. The dishes are simple, time-saving, and have been favorites whenever I serve them. I’ve got lots of ideas and posts in the works, so is it okay to say happy holiday planning!

Favorite Fall Dishes For Breakfast: Pumpkin GranolaSpelt Waffles
Favorite Fall Dishes For Dinner: Spiced Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, Caramelized Mushroom and Onion Pizza with Blistered Cherry Tomatoes and BasilRoasted Winter Vegetables with Garbanzo BeansPumpkin Mushroom Soup
Favorite Fall Dishes Favorite Fall Dishes For Dessert: Apple Grape PieRum Pecan PieWhole Wheat Honey Sage CakeHot Cocoa Brownie BitesCaramel Apple Cheesecake Ice CreamPumpkin Ice Cream

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