Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThis week was filled with creativity. It actually went by slow but felt satisfying. I think that comes in part from my monthly goal of appreciating each moment and remembering to be grateful each day. This gratitude challenge has made me more mindful of each moment, task, and action. And I’ve seen such an increase in my mood, even on a rainy day, which I would’ve normally just gloated about. Instead I had an energy that brought me to the craft store inspired to get things for upcoming crafts and gifts, which then made me take a long scenic drive along colored trees in beautiful shades of yellow, orange and reds. I feel like I accomplished so much this week, including taking the time for others. It makes me look forward to this weekend even more, where me and the guy are road tripping to Baltimore and DC to meet up with a group of friends for our friend’s app and business launch party. It’ll be nice to see friends I haven’t seen in years, plus I’ve been itching to travel and this mini-getaway comes at the perfect time. Hope you continue the enjoy the best of Fall, and have a great weekend! Friday FavoritesFelt like a child again, playing in the leaves for this colorful wreath. The leaves looked as if they were simmering…
Friday FavoritesI’ve been on a mini pie kick. So many ways to bake up my classic and fall favorite apple pieFriday FavoritesFriday FavoritesBefore creating these yummy no-bake pumpkin oatmeal bites, I experimented with a version of this parfait, which was a nice afternoon treat. Friday FavoritesTested out this amazing flourless chocolate cake for one of my classes. So delicious, you have to try it!Friday FavoritesBrought my little guy back a cookie from Boston for his birthday. Friday FavoritesFor Halloween I whipped up an even healthier version of these amazing pumpkin ale cupcakes, topped with an ale brown sugar glaze. Friday FavoritesStocking up on plenty of dough to have on hand for an impromptu pie. Friday Favorites Friday FavoritesDidn’t want to toss all my apple peels, so decided to bake them up with maple syrup…and it was absolutely delicious! My new favorite snack, and highly recommend you baking a batch too!Friday FavoritesCan’t get enough of Illume’s tin candles in Gilded Amberleaf, such a lovely scent for autumn and isn’t it so pretty…

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