Inspiring Words

Inspiring Words

I have quotes written and saved everywhere, from my phone, to post its, inspiration board, and planner. I was cleaning up over the weekend, and stumbled upon this quote from Kelly Ripa I scribbled down one morning watching Live with Kelly and Michael. Kelly Ripa is a female celebrity I look up to for her ability to balance being a mother of three, loving wife, having a successful career and her sheer fierceness at staying in shape. She is funny, persistent and determined. On the show you see a more playful side of her, but every now and again Kelly Ripa shares some inspiration and motivational words that make her even more amazing. We all struggle with career decisions and choosing in favor of a happy wholesome life, and there are times that are hopeless that things aren’t panning out quite like we want them to. But it’s important to remember to “find something you’re really passion about, be patient and pursue it”, as said by Kelly Ripa. Whatever your dream or passions are, you need to believe in them, work towards those goals and never give up on them or yourself. Hope this brings you some mid-week inspiration.

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