Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites On Fridays, I usually post my favorite snippets of the week, but with so many beautiful fall and Thanksgiving photographs I couldn’t help but share them with you too. I’ll admit I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed with menu ideas, decor inspiration, and gift guides overloading social media lately, or is it just me? So I decided to not get carried away or anxious about wanting to do everything, and instead focused on the things I really wanted to create, especially things that will stand out and be unique to me. But seriously Thanksgiving is in two weeks! And if you missed it, make sure to check out my kitchen essentials and make-ahead tips for an easy Thanksgiving. So as most of the leaves have changed and fallen, I thought I’d get my dose of their prettiness before the bitter chill and Winter takes over. It’ll be a busy weekend but a special one celebrating birthdays and engagements. Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to give thanks and continue to show your gratitude this month.

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Friday Favorites I can’t get enough of this al fresco Thanksgiving overlooking the lake.

Friday Favorites Love and Fall make for beautiful engagement photographs.

Friday Favorites A single lovely leaf

Friday FavoritesI want to go on a fall picnic, if it wasn’t so cold.

Friday Favorites I really have become smitten with apples this autumn.

Friday Favorites Heirloom pumpkins are just too beautiful.

Friday Favorites Pretty fall leaves.

Friday Favorites This has pretty much been my go-to outfit.

Friday Favorites Fall calls for quiet walks.

Friday Favorites Oh how I love pie.

Friday Favorites It’s Friday and I just want to cozy up with a mug of cider.

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