Thanksgiving Centerpiece with The Bouqs Company

IMG_5705Have you heard about The Bouqs Company? They are the new floral delivery service becoming popular for their beautiful flowers picked from sustainable farms on the side of an active volcano in South American. How awesome does that sound, and with fans like Lauren Conrad and Oprah, Bouqs are becoming widely known for their beautiful and sustainable flowers. So when I was approached by Bouqs Company about reviewing their flowers, of course I couldn’t pass up their beautiful blooms. I specifically had my eye on the unique Fortified bouquet of yellow and red trimmed roses, perfect for a Thanksgiving  centerpiece.

IMG_5769I wanted something that was rustic, reminding me of the beauty of woods during the fall. Something moody, mostly neutral with a colorful pop from the Bouqs roses. I strolled through my garden for unique leaves, branches, and dried greens, which I combined with faux plums and pears in deep hues. Each side was distinct, yet flowed perfectly into the other as the colors made their way from rich dark colors to soft earthy tones. The rain on the east held me off, as I couldn’t pick the major elements of this centerpiece, yet my Bouqs bouquet stayed fresh. Even after a week and a half, my the centerpiece is holding itself up beautifully. I, like most, like to have fresh flowers in my home daily, so if I come across flowers that last longer than most, I’m one happy girl. Bouqs offers high quality floral bouquets to gift special someone in your life, or to create that lovely centerpiece for any occasion. IMG_5766IMG_5703Thanksgiving centerpieces are always an iffy subject, they make an already beautiful table even more appealing, but they also take up much-needed space on the dinner table. Which is why just a grand floral centerpiece in the middle adds character to the table, without taking too much space needed for the food. I love how this centerpiece looked just simply put together, and as it dried out and lost its bright color, it became even more beautiful. It looked like the turning of the colors happening outside. With the holidays and birthdays coming up, I like to give the women in my life flowers, and I know I will be using the Bouqs Company this upcoming season. What better way to say Thank You then with beautiful blooms!IMG_5713IMG_5721 PicMonkey Collage IMG_5756Thanksgiving Centerpiece with The Bouqs Company PicMonkey Collage IMG_5767 IMG_5780 IMG_5786

This post is brought to you by TheBouqs and all opinions are those of The Dreamery. To learn more about TheBouqs go here

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