Spotlight on: 2 Chicks with Chocolate

Spotlight On: 2 Chicks with ChocolateWhat person doesn’t love chocolate, I mean besides my guy, but most people love a box of chocolates, especially when they’re pretty and colorful. But whatever your preference, you’ll want to eat a box of 2 Chicks with Chocolate with unique flavor combinations like Scotch on the Rocks and Siracha Caramel. The holidays bring upon many gatherings, and you’ll need the perfect sweet gift for the hard-working hostesses. 2 Chicks with Chocolate offers some out of this world chocolate and caramel flavor infusions, that will get even a chocolate hater, like Joe, to not only eat them, but rant and rave, and then bring me my very own box of specially customized chocolate box.
Spotlight On: 2 Chicks with ChocolateIf you’re lucky to be in New Jersey or the NYC area, then you have the opportunity to stop by one of their four retail stores, which even offer classes from chocolates to beer pairings! Oh and a gourmet chocolate bar at your next party, yes please! With the holidays, 2 Chicks with Chocolate is a totally customizable delicious gift that will please all in your life.Spotlight On: 2 Chicks with ChocolateMy specially crafted box of chocolates included my favorite of the batch, the Purple and Gold Peak of Ginger Caramel. The dark chocolate’s bitter sweetness melted into the infused ginger caramel, that tasted like a spicy candied piece of ginger. The Light Blue Swirl of Siracha Caramel, was the most interesting flavor, sweet with distinct spicy after notes, definitely for the heat lover. Of course I love myself a spiked caramel, there’s something that whiskey does to caramel that makes it even more decadent. Which expelling why the Orange and Green Square of Jameson Caramel was Joe’s favorite. And can there be a more iconic flavor combination than chocolate and cherry, and the Red Green and Yellow of Cherry Ganache is delicious! Tasting passion fruit is a delightful treat for me, and the Purple and Yellow Square of Passion Fruit Caramel will send you to the tropics. The last chocolate of the bunch was the Purple Swirl of Mandarin Orange Ganache, just right for winter. Whatever your sweet chocolate desires, 2 Chicks with Chocolate is deliciously unique!

Spotlight On: 2 Chicks with Chocolate Spotlight On: 2 Chicks with Chocolate Spotlight On: 2 Chicks with Chocolate Spotlight On: 2 Chicks with ChocolateNow how amazing does that look!

All opinions in this post are those of The Dreamery, and are not in association with 2 Chicks with Chocolate. I genuinely enjoyed this product and wanted to share it with you. To learn more about 2 Chicks with Chocolate go here.

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