Inspiring Words

Inspiring Words Now that days are becoming a bit too cold for me to enjoy leaving my house, I’ve been cozying up with books. I’ve begun reading The Secret after years seeing it on my shelf. It was also of the most referenced books in one of my favorites The Passion TestSome people prefer to read thrillers or autobiographies, I prefer to read books that teach you how to run a business and how to discover what your true passions are. Something that makes me dig deep down and find out something about myself. I enjoy a book that requires action, whether it to be mindful of my hands or compiling a list of all my favorite things.

If you see my books, you’ll notice many corners folded over tagging things I need to do or focus on, but mostly it’s quotes and words that made me feel something. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but something about showing gratitude this season has really stuck with me. I think it’s what my holidays will be about this year, which is why when I come back from vacation I decided to volunteer as a Salvation Army bell-ringer, donate holiday decorations, and teach children how to decorate gingerbread men. I remember the winter was about fundraising and giving our time to food banks and other organizations when I was in college, because it was a time that many people needed help. Even if it’s leaving your mail deliverer some fresh-baked cookies, or running a toy drive, remember that gratitude is a wonderful thing.

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