Pecan Pie Style Candied Walnuts

Pecan Pie Style Candied Walnuts I’m sharing this quick recipe because you’ll want to make it now so it’s ready for the cookie recipe I’ll be sharing on Monday. But seriously walnuts candied to taste like the beloved pecan pie? How can you pass that up!Pecan Pie Style Candied Walnuts These carmelized walnuts smelled so good cooking in sugar – nutty and decadent. What gives pecan pie its distinct flavor is molasses which I added into browned butter and rum, which deepens the flavors and makes them even more delicious.  Pecan Pie Style Candied Walnuts You’ll want to snack on these frozen nut clusters as I did. They’re sinfully delicious, an overload of nut goodness. I loved it, but what I loved even more was not feeling sick, like I often feel after eating regular candied nuts which is made with granulated sugar, instead of agave which I decided to swap for. Seriously I want to eat these walnuts all day long, top them on everything. You wouldn’t even know that they’re not even made with regular sugar, and for more healthy swaps see chart here.  Pecan Pie Style Candied Walnuts It’s the perfect combination of deep flavors that remind you of pecan pie, that become a delicious crunchy and nutty candy. Pecan Pie Style Candied Walnuts Pecan Pie Style Candied Walnuts

Pecan Pie Style Candied Walnuts


9 ounces – Walnuts {coarsely chopped}

1/3 cup  – Unsalted Butter

2 tablespoons – Rum or Bourbon

1/2 cup – Pure Maple Syrup {can be substituted with Honey or Agave}

1/4 cup – Unsulfered Molasses 

1 teaspoon – Pure Vanilla Extract

Pinch Coarse Salt

Recipe {Makes 10 ounces}

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and set aside.

In a medium saute pan, brown the butter, cooking over a medium heat until it foams up and smells nutty. Remove from heat, and stir in the rum and salt. Return pan back to heat, whisking in the molasses, maple syrup, and vanilla. Bring to a quick boil. Reduce to low heat and add in the walnuts. Cook, stirring, until liquid has absorbed {about 8 to 9 minutes}. 

Spread nuts evenly onto the prepared baking sheet, and cool completely. Place the sheet into the freezer, until caramelized walnuts are hard. Remove and break into coarsely chopped pieces {you can either use a food processor or crush with a rolling pin and plastic bag. Keep crushed walnut pieces in frozen until ready to use into your cookies. If eating caramelized walnuts fresh, keep in an airtight container. 

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