Inspiring Words

Christmas QuoteI’ll admit I haven’t had much Christmas jolliness, and if you know me, that’s very unlike me during this time of year. It’s not even Christmas Eve or Day that I love it’s the month leading up to it. The decorating of the house, the carols and movies, the spirit of giving and sharing, just the magic that twinkles with every light. I’m not sure if it’s because I went away for a week, and now I’m catching up or if it’s because Thanksgiving was later or if it’s simply just because I’m allowing myself to get overwhelmed by the craziness that the holidays unfortunately do bring. I had a slight breakdown, feeling defeated by my absolute favorite holiday, and then I was listening to a Christmas Carol, not even being mindful to what song was playing but simply just heard the words “the Christmas song lives within my heart.” And that was all I needed to smile, and know that I was just allowing myself to get the best of me.

I have lots of cookies and goodies to bake, and presents to make, but it’s all things I love and get excited about doing. I came home from some shopping, which surrounded by decor and hustling shoppers somewhat soothed me, to Elf playing on TV and although not a classic, Buddy teaches us all, no matter what age, the true meaning of Christmas. And just like Buddy shares his enthusiasm about the season, I’m going to spread the Christmas cheer by not only singing, but continuing to share kindness with cookies, and small happy gestures. If you, like me, might be feeling overwhelmed, don’t, go ahead grab that soft cookie you’ve been wanting, and cozy up with a mug of cocoa or coffee, and just reflect on the beauty of Christmas, even if it’s only for five minutes.

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