Handmade Holiday: Trinket Containers

Handmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersAll you procrastinators or busy bodies that haven’t had the chance to get all your gifts, I’ve got a very quick, inexpensive and lovely DIY gift for just about any woman on your list. I picked up a Gilded Amberleaf mini candle by Illume Candles back in October not only because it smelled absolutely delicious but I thought the gold dotted tin was just too pretty. As it burned on my dresser, I looked at it fitting perfectly amongst my gold jewelry and decor. I initially came up with the idea to recreate these  tins into lovely match containers, having been inspired by this Martha Stewart craft.Handmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersBut as my luck would have it, the strike anywhere matches somehow got lost in the mail. Since regular matches only light up on the attached strip that comes on the box, they wouldn’t light when stricken onto fine grit sandpaper that I was planning on placing atop these tins. So with literally three days before Christmas I decided to transform these candle tins into small containers, which means you can do this too.Handmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersHandmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersBuy any small candle container with a lid then burn the candle or freeze the wax off. Even better if you’re able to find a pretty and affordable small container with a lid. I, like many, have small bowls, plates and containers throughout my room and vanity housing dainty jewelry and trinkets, which became the inspiration for these handmade holiday gifts for the gals in my life who love pretty little things. It makes a great gift, because it’s something they can all use, whether in the bedroom, office, or bathroom, it’s a lovely and functional little gift.

Handmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersHandmade Holiday: Trinket Containers

You’ll Need

  • Small Candle Tin Containers with lid or other Small Containers with lid
  • Adhesive Paper in Two Colors that compliment your container  {paper options found here}
  • Scissors
  • Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker

Handmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersHandmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersIf using candle tins, place in the freezer until wax remnants harden, then break up using a knife. I found that my facial wipes, removed any remaining wax and smoke residue perfectly. Make sure the inside of whatever container you’re using and the lid are completely cleaned, remember pretty little things will be placed inside.Handmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersOutline the bottom of the tin container onto one of the colored adhesive papers. I used white and kraft colored papers, as they paired lovely with my cream and gold tins. {I used adhesive label stickers because I had them at home already} I used the bottom of the tin lid, as it was the perfect size to cover the label.

Handmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersHandmade Holiday: Trinket Containers

Carefully cut out the circle, and place onto the bottom of the tin container.Handmade Holiday: Trinket Containers

Outline the top of the lid onto the other colored adhesive paper. Like the bottom of the tins, the bottom of the lid fit perfectly to cover the current label on the container. Carefully cut out the circle, and place onto the top of the tin lid.Handmade Holiday: Trinket ContainersFinish your pretty containers, by writing their name or small message onto the lid. I chose to write “pretty little things”, but your gifted one’s name or inspiring word would be just as nice. You can also do this before cutting and placing the label onto the lid, if it’s easier for you to write.Handmade Holiday: Trinket Containers

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