Wedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Wedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement RingsGold engagement rings have been an old tradition, and it wasn’t until the last dozen years that silver and platinum rings studded with diamonds have become popular. I myself prefer gold jewelry ever since I was a child, and it’s pretty much all I wear now, so unless it was my mother’s pearl ring I’ve always envisioned a gold ring when the most beloved question is asked to me. It wasn’t until recently that rose gold started taking fame, and of course I began loving the different and pretty hues of gold. Rose gold engagement rings have made a significant mark in the wedding world, and these beauties are making their mark in 2015.

From dainty bands with pretty shaped stones to diamond stunners, this lovely pink-hued metal is great for all brides, whether your style is vintage, modern, or something completely different. I personally like that a bit of the traditional wedding gold is coming back, not to mention celebrities like Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad are making these styles look oh so perfect. I’ve pulled together my favorite rose gold and gold engagement rings I’ve been eyeing throughout the last few years, from the bold to the simple and minimalist of styles, it’s too hard not to love this wedding trend, and easy to see why it’s here to stay.

A ring of golden roses is simple and romantic. Ring with Golden Roses from Smith/GreyWedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

For the bride who appreciates the imperfect, the polly diamond is for her. Polky Diamond Ring from Bibi van der Velden Wedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

I’m a sucker for a green diamond. Colored Stone Ring from Doyle and Doyle Wedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

I prefer a round shaped diamond, but there’s something about this pear shaped stunner that I just love. Pear Rosette from Anna Sheffield Wedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

I’m completely smitten over this flower diamond-shaped ring. Lotus Flower Diamond Ring from Brilliant EarthWedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

A traditional style, not matter what band color, will always be perfect. Trio Diamond Ring from Brilliant Earth  Wedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

This ring is definitely uniquely vintage, and absolutely stunning. The Gatsby Ring from EtsyWedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Engagement rings don’t have to be diamonds, precious stone are just as lovely. Moonstone Trinity Ring from AnthropologieWedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

This ring is for the absolute dreamer, it may not be in most people’s budget, but that pink diamond sure is dreamy! Fancy Pink Diamond Engagement Ring from EtsyWedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

I love the rings on Artemer’s Etsy shop. They’re dainty and simple yet stunning enough to be an engagement. Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring and Pave Diamond Crown Ring from Etsy Wedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

But my favorite engagement rings, are by Anna Sheffield. Maybe it’s their classic style, delicate placement of diamonds, which come in different colors, or that they fit perfectly when stacked with their shaped bands. Three Stone Hazeline Engagement Ring and Grand Tiara Band from Anna SheffieldWedding Spotlight: Rose Gold Engagement Ringstop image via Style Me Pretty

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