Inspiring Words

Inspiring Words

Words can have a serious impact on us; it can resonate a memory within us making us feel something we hadn’t in some time, make us cry, feel happy, or inspire and motivate us. It’s Monday, and often we dread this day after a weekend off from work, and we hear the typical stories of awful mornings waking up late, spilling coffee, or being stuck in traffic. And then those simple moments make for the worst day ever. But that point in your day, yes, a drawback, shouldn’t shape how the rest of it plays out. In turn, if you have a bad day, it’s because you allowed this bad situation to affect you, allowing you to believe that everything else was going to go wrong, and so it does.

A positive mindset can do wonders in your life. So you woke up late…use that mishap to take a much-needed breather in the car to collect your thoughts before heading into work, and tell yourself “Okay, so I woke up late, that doesn’t mean I have to rush through my work, or become frazzled the rest of the day. This is my new opportunity to change this day around..” You have the control for your day, if you approach any negative situation with a positive outlook, you’ll see that you’ll have much better results. I thought this quote was perfectly fitting for the first day of the week, when most of us need some positive inspiration!

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