Favorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Favorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding GownsBHDLN released their 2015 collection recently, and I don’t know which gown I love more. It’s a collection inspired by beautiful lush blooms, and secret gardens just waiting to be explored. Each gown is just breathtakingly pretty! I know Spring and Summer 2015 bridal attire has been showcased, but the release of BHDLN’s lookbook, one of my favorite bridal brands, inspired me to share some of my favorites for the upcoming season.

This year’s Spring and Summer bridal trends include plenty of romantic and timeless designs, here are just a few of my favorites…


There’s plenty of illusion and off the shoulder necklines, and color is still very much a big trend, but not your dainty blush. This year it’s all about the soft blues, grays and even green.

Look 19 by MarchesaFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Aziza” by Watters BrideFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Mila” from BHLDNFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Paolo Sebastian gown Favorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Elsa” by Monique Lhuillier, in pistachio, comes with a matching coverlet, which shows off the cape trend beautifully tooFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

I’m a sucker for lace, have been all my life, and the biggest trend I see myself loving and pinning a lot more, are tulle skirts, from airy overlays to billowing ones with floral and beaded appliqués. This spring and summer it’s all about soft and pretty tulle. Most of this season’s fashion inspiration came from fairy tales, travel and exotic locations, and this year we’ll be seeing a lot of beach chic bridal gowns, as well.

Annabelle” by Monique LhuillierFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Eirene” by Ersa AtellierFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Gown at beginning of post: Model BR-15-02 from 2015 collection by Inbal Dror|image via

Swan Lake” by Paolo SebastianFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Tradition is coming back once again, and the royal collar will make any bride feel regal like a Princess Kate.

Vanessa” by Mira Zwillinger|image via BridesFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Aspen” by Naeem KhanFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

The Great Gatsby was a big inspiration for the return of deco and 20’s/30’s inspired silhouettes and styles. This is one trend I don’t see going away anytime soon, I mean how can simple, yet sparkly gowns, that evoke a delicate elegance not become a classic bridal look. I myself love a beaded flapper-style gown.

Saboya” by Rosa ClaráFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

JOCASTA” by Jenny PackhamFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Beilin” from BHLDNFavorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

Last year the cape ruled the fashion scene, and this year is no exception, especially when it comes to bridal attire. Whether it may be to cover up during a traditional ceremony or to create some added drama, it’s a wonderful way to transform a bride’s look.

Rome” by Naeem Khan, there’s a dress in the 2015 collection for every bride, and trend this season Favorite Spring/Summer 2015 Wedding Gowns

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