Wedding Anniversaries Through the Years

Wedding Anniversaries Through the YearsWe are all about celebrating the big wedding day in a couple’s life, but then we go through the years not recognizing their wedding anniversaries. Of course a wedding anniversary is spent amongst the couple, until they get to major milestone anniversaries we all know like the monumental 25th or hopefully the golden 50th, where a big celebration is in order. But what about all those happy years in between, they deserve to have some love shed on as well. This last year was a big wedding year for me, as will this upcoming one, having the honor to have been a part of my best friend’s happiest day, and as I begin receiving all the lovely Thank You’s, I decided why not keep track of these anniversary dates for special loved ones, so that I could send them a little something sweet to celebrate their love. I knew that 25 years was silver, 50 gold, but I definitely had forgotten what all the other years traditionally represented in the world of married life. I did a bit of research, and decided to share some ideas for items you can gift a special couple on their anniversary, gifts for your loved one or ways you can spend it together that represents the milestone anniversary.

1st Anniversary: Paper A love quote print, is a sweet gift for newlyweds, and there’s so many lovely ones on Etsy and Minted. If you can manage to get their vows or MOD/Best Man Speeches you can have them written by a calligrapher. But the most adorable thing I saw featured on Martha Weddings were these custom paper dolls that the happy couple can frame as well. I know that my best friend might like this of them with their two pups. Custom Paper Dolls via JordanGraceOwens Wedding Anniversaries Through the Years2nd Anniversary: Cotton From versatile cocktail napkins with their monogram or beautifully scented room sprays, there are definitely ways to make something simple like cotton lovely enough to gift.

3rd Anniversary: Leather It’s easy to gift men with a leather engraved flask and the women with a leather wallet, but a great way to gift the couple, and hint them at another honeymoon, is with customized leather passport cases.

4th Anniversary: Linen {Modern gift} Just like cotton, you can easily gift the couple with beautiful linens they can use to entertain with, or a new set of turkish kitchen towels.

5th Anniversary: Wood The first thing that comes to my mind is Jenga. There are some nice custom tumbling block sets and it’s a great way for the couple to start a new tradition of game nights. Personalized Tumbling Timbers via Tumbling Timbers Wedding Anniversaries Through the Years

6th Anniversary: Iron Iron may not be everyone’s taste, and if you can afford it a set of mini iron skillets are always nice to add to the kitchen but what couple wouldn’t appreciate an amazing rustic-chic barware piece. I especially love this Hammer Bottle Opener from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply CoWedding Anniversaries Through the Years

7th Anniversary: Wool From neutral wool scarves the couple can wear during the winter, or a wool blanket they can cozy up together during cold nights.

8th Anniversary: Pottery/Bronze and 18th Anniversary: Porcelain {Modern gift} The possibilities are endless with this one, whether it’s a lovely vase or ceramic bowls the couple can use when cooking. An even better idea, is take a pottery class and make something special and unique.

9th Anniversary: Willow Willow isn’t only used for beach chairs, neutral baskets the couple can use to store knickknacks are great for the kitchen and bathroom. Even better, fill the basket with some goodies, like chocolate, cheese and champagne they can enjoy!

10th Anniversary: Aluminum Tin or aluminum may seem like a low quality material to gift a happily married couple, but galvanized tin can add a lovely rustic yet classic touch to any home. Of course I love Fixer Upper, and all the beautiful products Magnolia Homes has to offer including these Tinwork Cake StandsWedding Anniversaries Through the Years11th Anniversary: Steel By now those pots and pans the couple registered for have seen better days, it’s the perfect time to invest in some new stainless steel pots.

12th Anniversary: Silk If you’re the husband it’s a no brainer, gift your lovely wife with silk pajamas.

13th Anniversary: Lace Lace isn’t only to be worn on the wedding day, you can get a bit creative and crafty with this one and make the couple these dainty trinket bowls made from vintage lace. Then again you can gift your lovely wife with some pretty lace for both of you.

14th Anniversary: Ivory Of course physical ivory is unattainable, but ivory comes in the form of many flowers, including beautiful potted orchids the couple can keep in their home.

15th Anniversary: Crystal Crystal reminds me of elegance and luxury, having a piece in your home is quite special. A great way is to search vintage and antique stores for a classic crystal vase, or for a modern take on crystal choose a Decanter from LenoxWedding Anniversaries Through the Years

16th Anniversary: Hollowware {Modern gift} This term basically refers to any hollow metal tableware piece, from ice buckets, to pitchers, to julep cups.

17th Anniversary: Furniture {Modern gift} What a great way to redecorate the home, it’s the perfect time to finally take on that major renovation you’ve been wanting to get done.

18th Anniversary: Porcelain See 8th anniversary 

19th Anniversary: Bronze or Aquamarine {Modern gift} How does celebrating this anniversary with a trip to the beach to see aquamarine waves and become bronzed sound? I think after 19 years, perfect

20th Anniversary: China {Traditional gift} or Platinum {Modern gift} Kate Spade offers the lovely Larabee Road Platinum china set that has bits of platinum that perfectly fits both tradition and modern tastes.  Wedding Anniversaries Through the Years

25th Anniversary: Silver I’ve known a few couples, including my parents, where the couple has gotten new bands. They can be silver, or something a bit more elaborate than the bands you may not have had much money for at the time of your wedding.

30th Anniversary: Pearl A fun twist on this anniversary year, is to go out for an Oyster dinner, after all they say it’s an aphrodisiac!

35th Anniversary: Coral, 40th Anniversary: Ruby, 45th Anniversary: Sapphire, 55th Anniversary: Emerald For these color based years, any gift in these rich hues could work. Just make sure that if you’re buying something for the couple’s home it matches their personalities and decor.

50th Anniversary: Gold A gold set of china and flatware is the perfect way to showcase a long happily married life, especially if the couple may be the household where the family gathers for every holiday. Of course the sweetest way is with gold jewelry too, whether it’s a gold watch for the hubby or a ring for the wife.

60th Anniversary: Diamond Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend. Since she already has her engagement ring, gift your luck wife with a diamond pendant necklace to can wear everyday too.

75th Anniversary: Platinum See 25th anniversary

Happy anniversary to all the married couples!

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