Valentine’s Day Florals

Valentine's Day Florals Single or not, celebrating Valentine’s day is always a good idea! You don’t really need a reason to get together with your favorite girlfriends for your own Galentine’s, like I have done, or treat yourself to some pretty Valentine’s day florals!Valentine's Day Florals Valentine’s day is one of the biggest holidays for flower shops, which have been taking orders well in advance, so if you haven’t preordered, choices can be sparse. But you can still treat yourself to really beautiful blooms this weekend. If you don’t already know, Whole Foods Market has some of the most beautiful and unique flowers. I’ve yet to find that little flower shop in my area, so they’ve got something for all my needs from long-lasting peonies in the summer to an array of roses and greens all year-long.
Valentine's Day Florals When deciding the look my Valentine’s get-together with the girls, I was inspired by this centerpiece, mostly because of the slight hints of marsala hued dahlias amongst the mostly neutral arrangement. Flowers are an important part of any get-together I have, and almost all holidays, and this one is NO exception. You don’t need a special someone to give you flowers, create a beautiful floral arrangement like this one I have made, just for YOURSELF!

Valentine's Day Florals Valentine's Day Florals I haphazardly put this floral arrangement together before the girls came over. I followed these easy steps for a loose style arrangement, like the ones I love but never had attempted to create myself. I finally got myself a pretty white porcelain pedestal vase {purchased here}, and knew it would be used to create the loveliest arrangement for Valentine’s. I wanted to create a simple, natural looking arrangement, one not in a solid color scheme but instead an array of pinks ranging from light, softer shades to deep, almost purple like hues.

Valentine's Day Florals Valentine's Day Florals Valentine's Day Florals Valentine's Day Florals I purchased “Bountiful” spray roses a few days before the get-together, so that the buds could open fully, which I then made into small bouquets and bunched throughout the vase. I then simply placed a few stems of bubblegum pink tulips, fuchsia Gerber daisies, and berry hued calla lilies to fill the gaps.

Valentine's Day Florals Valentine's Day Florals Valentine's Day Florals I love photographing flowers, and nature, it’s quite therapeutic to me. So it was nice to shoot this arrangement the next day in a much calmer setting, and with better natural light. With every turn the arrangement looked different. That’s the beauty of this style of florals, no matter what angle you’re looking at, it’s unique. The ironic thing I found looking back at photographs of this arrangement, is that I unknowingly shaped one side into a heart. I guess you could say I was doing something with love, for a holiday about love, that I literally created it into an iconic symbol of love.  Valentine's Day Florals Valentine's Day Florals Valentine's Day Florals Valentine's Day Florals

Valentine's Day Florals Whether you simply place flowers in a pretty container, create an ombre floral effect like I have done here or make a grand arrangement, treat yourself to some fresh and lovely flowers this Valentine’s Day.

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