I’m Loving…

I'm Loving...I’ve been extremely busy with work and a schedule that’s been all over the place lately, along with battling my emotions, so I’d say it hasn’t been one of the best weeks, so I’m keeping this short and sharing some images that have kept my spirits up and I’m loving right now…

I really need to get away, wish it could be to one of my favorite Caribbean islands of St. Lucia. image above via Gal Meets Glam

I'm Loving...I’ve been working on living through my inner light, yet sometimes it can be hard. No matter the situation we must all remain positive, and stay open to what the Universe presents to us. image source 

I'm Loving...I’ve been making a different version of this delicious beet salad for the last two weeks. recipe via M Loves M

I'm Loving...I’m loving the look of blurred lips for spring. how to via Byrdie

I'm Loving...Having a beach wedding, a shoe check is a must. How adorable! image via Style Me Pretty 

I'm Loving...I really do love open shelving in the kitchen. image via Style Me Pretty

I'm Loving...I know we’re all looking for ways to showcase our Instagram photos. how to via Handimania 

I'm Loving... I'm Loving...I really just want to be in a field of flowers, can you tell I’m beyond over winter. I question why I moved back east everyday! images via Once Wed

Happy Friday!

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